The Central Point for all new arrivals in Summerport the Thieves Tankard is the first and foremost point of light in the barren urban tundra.

Introduce yourself to the helpful Talkin Powda, and he'll ensure you have what you need to survive the frigid cold of the region. You'll need the right supplies survive and Talkin is the the guy to see.

Once you settle in, the bartender, Ariel Giantsbane, will hook you up with a cool beverage powered by Summerport Ice™ ("For when staying cool can't be cooler.")

Notable NPC's:

Talkin Powder: Male, Old Summerport group, Logistics of The Thieves Tankard

Wyne: Fist ally, saved from undead

Beaky Tomes: Outkast Kenku, teenager, saved from undead

Jotunn Giantsbane: Female gnome, Summerport Ice purveyor, frequently travelling for shipping.

Ariel Giantsbane: female elf, bartender

The Bourd