Summerport is a region located ten days travel from Sanctus. A land of always winter, the urban-landmass is currently over-run by the undead.


Summerport was a hub of commerce and mercantilism far to the southeast of the mainland. Once the nexus of slave trade in the known world, after the Exodus lower classes revolted and took control of the city repurposing it first as a pirate haven, and soon after a legitimate free city recognized the world over. Former slaves now search the isles for the last remaining slavers, who still overwhelmingly control most trade routes, salvaging amassed wealth for the glory of Summerport.


  • The Bourd- Infernal tiefling organization that seeks control over Summerport.
  • The Cult of Gaia- Pacifist religion standing against the undead.
  • The Fist- Human organization that seeks to return Summerport to its original state.
  • The Kenku Enclave- Also known as the "Rising Phoenix," Kenku xenophobes against humanity.
  • The Kenku Outcast- Rejected Kenku that seek cooperation with other races.


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  • Talkin Powda: Refugee from Old Summerport, head of logistics at The Thieves Tankard.
  • Genji: A dwarf-turned-wererat, Genji works for the Fist tracking the werewolf numbers. Had a pet ROUS Escobar, now deceased.
  • Silent Mockingbird: A tabaxi with a working relationship with the polar bears and access to weaponry.
  • Palmador: Present day leader of the Fist, decedent of Timodor.
  • Timodor (probably misspelled): One of the Heroes who overthrew the slavers previously in Summerport and once led the Valiant Fist. Also murdered Falchion Kier's family and kept slavery instated, just under different names.
  • Falchion Kier (also likely misspelled): One of the Heroes who overthrew the slavers in Summerport. Didn't take the death of his family well.
  • Tillith (spelling what spelling): Falchion Kier's daughter who showed surprising talents at survival. Still alive after centuries, introduced to outsiders as Palmador's niece.
  • Wyne: Member of the Fist.
  • Andrew: Member of the Fist.
  • Elena: Cleric serving the shrine in Tallat's Hill. Worships Thuruggoulos.
  • Beaky Tomes: A young kenku from the Outkast Village.
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