Faction. The Shield of Sanctus

The Shield is a reborn mercenary company formed from all manner of warriors who wish to protect Sanctus colonists during the Age of Exploration.

The company was originally formed by the Council of Sanctus to provide martial protection for explorers and colonists during the Age of Exploration. After the fall of Ft. Providence in the marshland north of Black River Island the organization evolved into a loose collection of mercenaries who wished to uphold the Shield’s original purpose.

The Shield

The Shield of Sanctus


“Forward, through dark or storm.”


The Shield’s beliefs can be summarized as follows:

  • Fearless exploration of the old continent is how we find a new home.

  • We are vigilant in our protection of travellers and colonists.

  • Always act and fight with honor.


Explore unknown lands throughout the old continent to discover potential settlement sites. Scout these sites to learn of hostile creatures and collect information about any current occupying factions. Provide for the safety of those travelling through dangerous lands. This includes the use of deadly force against hostile beings and defending our charge to the last man if necessary.

Typical Quests.

Typical quests taken by Shields involve leading exploratory parties into unknown regions to collect information and basic cartography. Diplomatic envoys dealing with native folk will require guards as well. On occasion a war party will be called to quell a specific threat.

Joining The Shields.

Initiates to the Shield must participate in a test mission to prove their martial prowess and commitment to the Shield’s beliefs.


Shield of Sanctus Ranks.


1 Buckler
3 Round
10 Heater
25 Kite
50 Renntartsche

Notable Events:

Ft. Providence, a small outpost a day's canoe ride from Black River Island, is overrun by bullywogs. During the battle, key members of the Shield are killed and the rest are scattered into the bayou.

Age of Exploration Year 1 Begins

Ft. Providence is recaptured by adventurers. The newly reformed Shield of Sanctus occupies its keep.

Fall of Black River Island Visitors from Proximus Flumen


Shield of Sanctus Members.
Name Role
Udoroth Speaker
Merelda Sergeant-at-arms
Koltalon Captain
Lindir Private
Krolan Private
Zorak Private
Vengir Private


Sactonel, Quartermaster


Currently occupying Ft. Providence’s keep.


500 gp

Armory: Currently empty. Other:


Greatscale Clanchief Atuji’s fine-crafted metal trident and shield

Hard won after we compromised our honor. We must remember and learn from our failures. Mounted in the Great Hall. Update: returned to Clan Greatscale with Atuji’s corpse.