For news and rumor of the City of Estia!

A sailor walks into the tavern and sits next to his friend. "You will never believe what just happened on my last job. We were sailing from Sanctus and a few days out an entire continent appeared before us. Straight out of the blue ocean. One second ocean as far as the eye can see and the next BAMB land.

We sailed to the city we could see and docked at their port. I'm not shitting you when I say this city is made of gold. At sunset we were nearly blinded. They wouldn't let us enter the city, and they have a very strange way of talking but we could still understand them. We traded some goods and they gave us these weird coins. They ain't any metal I've ever seen. Looks like silver but isn't. I bet I could get a whole pitcher of beer for this.

Anyway the city is the biggest I seen out side of sanctus. When we sailed back to Sanctus we got a huge reward and were told they are going to investigate. I hope they do a good job, I'm going back to make my fortune. I don't care if the goblins are attacking their farms or disembodied hands are strangling people. I'll just get a big necklace o gold!

I'm telling ya' estia is going to make me rich