The city of Estia is the shining city on the hill. It is the only civilized city in hundreds of miles. It is currently going through a millennia long golden age. The success is so evident that in some places the roads are literally paved in gold. Every common race can be found living in different districts in the city:

The Market District and Church are where the humans mostly live are located in the center of the city.

The Dwarves live in one giant building made of pure granite that looks like a mountain rises out of the north part of the city. Gnomes live on the parts of the mountain that touch the actual city.

To the East a large forest flanks the Market District and goes for many miles. The elves live in a complex system of tree houses and and sculpted trees (for the rich).

In The Grasslands to the south Half orcs, dragonborn, and halflings live. Half-Orcs are nomadic wanderers and traders. Dragonborn live in villages and take pride in shaping the earth. Halflings live in the hills on the border of the city to the north and plains to the south.

The boardwalk lies to the west of the city and overlooks the cliff and has winding paths that lead to the water and the harbor.

For rumors and local news hit up the Estian Community Board.

Estia is dedicated to Ilmater the god of endurance, suffering, martyrdom, and perseverance. Ruled by a senate comprised of outstanding citizens, it deriving its authority from the Church of Ilmater the senate rules with an iron fist.

Estia's Motto: Service and Faith

Common Saying mocking official motto:  Blood and Blind Faith

The Flag of Estia:  Praying hands with a ribbon that turns into water pouring over a field on a field of red.

Estia is ruled by it's Senate, The Church of Ilmater rules over The Senate.