Dragonborn of the North

They are stoic, pragmatic, and lawful good. They think their race is superior and all others inferior. The capital city is called Domus Draconum Urbana, situated to the northeast. They have an established economy and use gold coins stamped with a citadel on one side and fire on the other. The dragonborn own vast farm land and villages.

Proximus Flumen

Dragonborn of the watch (1)

Proximus Flumen sits atop a waterfall at the foot of the lower mountain range north of the bayou on Black River Island. As the watch of "Terminus Inferior," Flumen is the gateway to dragonborn villages and farmland (sheep, goats, wheat, barley).

Beyond is "The Capital," the hub of dragonborne civilization is northeast on this continent.

The land south is divided by Magna Collas (Great Hills) where the Hill Giants live. And the lizardfolk, and we, colonists, live in Terminus Inferior.

Proximus Flumen is comprised of four towers that house four different dragon units (60 soldiers each) led by a Legatis (Lieutenant) and attended to by 12 hobgoblin servants who cook and clean their respective towers. They are: Domum Rosa (House Red) led by Legatis Fortis Pugnus, Domum Oro (House Gold) led by Legatis Sane Cordus, Domum Aeris (House Copper) by Legatis Velux Actus, and Domum Carbo (House Black) led by Legatis Retunsae Cordus.