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What is this?

This wiki serves as a repository for the collective knowledge of player characters in the Detroit West Marches. Each player is encouraged to write session summaries detailing their experiences and ideas as they existed in the world and our main site contains a vast collection of riveting tales and extraordinary adventures. Alas, reading through every summary and remembering every detail and the resulting public discussion about any inconsistency in storytelling is a superhuman task. And here we are, the distilled essence of those game notes. We've got your history, the lore, cartography, factions, points of light, and much more. The intended purpose of this site is to collect and refine the stories and rumors that are the result of any Detroit West Marches canon event.

What this is not.

Nothing contained on this wiki is guaranteed to be DM-approved information. The players will contribute and edit all pages. It's possible that we could coordinate with the DMs to develop some kind of approval system so players know which info is fact versus conjecture. But don't hold your breath! Let's work together and communicate in the comments to generate the most trustworthy lore database we can.

Enjoy the game!

Where to start?

Character Creation

Everything you need to know about creating player characters for the Detroit Marches can be found in our founding document here.

The Setting

Why not visit the only home we've known for millennia, Sanctus?

Black River Island is the gateway to a lost world.

The tropical resort island of Summerport.

The expanding merchant colony of New Cadeni.

A mysterious and fantastic land known as Far Reach.

Get to know the Golden City of Estia!

Shared Fun

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