The Church of Illmater is organized by The First. The First is in theory no different then any other Senator. He gets to appoint a first Ajah (Ah-zha). This group goes about the task of organizing Senate meetings. Ajah's are groups of Senators brought together for a specific purpose. These Ajah's can be permanent, like the Military Ajah or the Guild Ajah, or temporary on a case by case basis. There is no set amount of Senate seats and appointments are for life or until disbarred.


Lay People – Ordinary people who help with the every day running of the church

Doctors – in charge of the sick and common healing

Priests – Those that hold religious services and preside over a church

Clerics – Magic healers and those with

Paladins – Those gifted with powers from the god that observe special tenants and are used to enact Ilmater's will

Bishop – Oversees several priests

Archbishop – Oversees all Bishops

Cardinal – Personal advisors to the Exarch

Exarch – Supreme leader of the Church While other god's do exist that the Church does pray to all god's Ilmater is the official religion of the city.