A palisade of 5,000 people in the southern parts of the Wayward. Approximately half of its citizens are members of the Epoch, the local guard.


Notable People

Remith Tearheart

-Dragonborn member of The Epoch (Fighter's Guild)

Gilavor Hazelburn (Chauntea)

-Circle of the Moon Druid (The Deyaman Refuge)

Erune the Defiler

-Necromancer Warlock (Cthulhu)

Areroneice Yenslar

-Human Life Cleric (Illmater)

Jesnule Inkas

-Human Bard of Lore (Leira)

Adzanian Velnar

-Human Wizard/Alchemist (The Stripped Ingredients)

Avvara Iermas

-Human Fighter/Blacksmith (The Forged Steel)


-Sage of the Prism's Light Library


Empty Tankard

Prism's Light

(placeholder for Erune's shop)

The Stripped Ingredients

The Deyaman Refuge

The Fountain and the Tree - The water of the fountain will grant temporary hit points.

The Forged Steel


Cavalier's Watch

The Blade

The Shadow

Diplomatic Relations

feud with goliaths of Icegate for last 250 years, relations recently improving